A tennis court is not complete without some type of perimeter edging to control tennis balls, ensure privacy, and provide security. Trans Texas Tennis offers complete fencing services for new construction, reconstruction, and resurfacing projects.

A well-designed and properly installed fence system adds both beauty and value to the tennis facility. Trans Texas Tennis offers the following:
  • Professional installation for straight and accurate placement.
  • Choice of galvanized or vinyl-clad fabric, posts, rails, and hardware.
  • Fencing options, including netting systems.
  • Correct sizing of mesh and height of fence for tennis courts.
  • Properly spacing and sizing of posts for wind loads and windscreen.
  • Security and maintenance entries.
  • California corners for greater aesthetics, privacy, and ball control.
For new construction projects, Trans Texas Tennis incoroporates the fence posts into the structural slab, creating a neat edge detail and providing a clean edge for mowing and trimming. Don't overlook the importance of the fence system as a vital part of your tennis facility. Let the professionals at Trans Texas Tennis show you a better way to enclose your courts.

"I am pleased to recommend your firm for construction of tennis court facilities. The contracts that Trans Texas has performed for Alliance Construction, Inc. have resulted in quality installations that were completed on time and within budget. The Mystic Forest tennis courts and related fencing are amoung the nicest facilities in the Woodlands."

John Joyce, Alliance Construction